bttn | Company Rebrand Announcement from CEO, JT Garwood

bttn | Company Rebrand Announcement from CEO, JT Garwood



When we launched our company earlier this year, we set our sights on creating a whole new pathway to buying medical supplies because the current medical supply market is broken. There are too few options, it costs too much and the antiquated and outdated ordering process takes time away from our healthcare workers. Simply put, there isn’t a technology or innovation focus for providers outside the acute care setting. We launched bttn to change that narrative. 

In the 8 months since launching we have experienced massive growth and traction in this market - gained 450+ customers, dozens of healthcare associations nationwide, and loads of suppliers. Our approach is resonating deeply with a frustrated customer base across all types of care providers.

Today, we are excited and proud to announce that we have rebranded bttn in several important ways: 

  • Our Vision - To be the future of medical supply by revolutionizing the way practitioners access medical supplies. 
  • Our Website - Improved user experience based on features our customers demand with clarity, consistency, and easy-to-use navigation.
  • Our Look and Feel - Updated our brand with new colors, modern typesets, and a beautiful new logo.


bttn is the future of medical supply. It is true B2B eCommerce built by starting from the perspective of what is best for the customer. We have built a vertical focused product that is tailored to our customers' buying needs and coupled that with expert customer service and an online ordering process that aligns with how customers want to buy products today and in the future. 

We want our transactions to be as simple as the click of a bttn. We delete barriers to entry by eliminating complicated qualification processes, exclusive contract requirements and bloated minimum order quantities.

Our updated appearance is sleek and contemporary, matching the modern approach we are bringing to the future of the medical supply market.  We always aim to simplify your buying experience. We truly are the future of medical supply.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.