Founder Insights | B2B E-Commerce Trends

Founder Insights | B2B E-Commerce Trends



In this interview snippet, our CEO and Co-Founder, JT Garwood shares his thoughts on the evolution of E-Commerce and B2B E-Commerce Trends.

He notes that like the healthcare medical supply market, antiquated industries only have technology purchasing  solutions today that are horizontal (peer to peer focused), expensive, and difficult to integrate.  

JT remarks that as millennials and Gen z buyers come into purchasing roles in these organizations, they will not tolerate clunky, slow design. 

The influx of new technology, including API-driven or headless commerce, is helping companies redesign what commerce means for their business and their customers.

These new technologies are addressing vertical markets, providing value through the transaction, and instilling trust. 

B2B E-Commerce is booming. bttn is providing an elegant, easy-to-use E-Commerce solution for people who need medical supplies.