7 Healthcare Technology Companies To Save Your Practice Time and Money

7 Healthcare Technology Companies To Save Your Practice Time and Money

Every healthcare practice in the last few years has experienced staff shortages, extended patient wait times, an increase in canceled appointments, and challenges procuring proper supplies. 

It’s exhausting and overwhelming. 

Trimming any additional stress for patients and physicians is likely to increase satisfaction for all parties; not to mention saving time and money. 

It is important to think about what can be offloaded. 

If you already have technology and systems in place, analyze them. What could be better? Are you using the systems to their full capacity? 

With hundreds of healthcare customers, these are some of the common areas our customers tell us they are evaluating to streamline processes and alleviate stress. 

Patient Management Systems being used

Patient Management 

An extra fifteen minutes in a day to see a patient could be the difference between observing suspicious symptoms and ordering tests that detect early-onset uterine cancer or missing symptoms that delay the start of care.

With an electronic health record (EHR) system in place, finding those fifteen minutes is no longer impossible. EHRs are used to upload patient data, manage records, and set up appointments. They were created to build in-depth profiles on patients’ healthcare records, automate the transferring of health information, reduce medical errors, and decrease physician paperwork. 

Dr. Chrono 

DrChrono is an EHR platform that offers EMR, Telehealth, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Medical Billing Software, Practice Management, and Mobile EHR. Their customizable medical forms in patient management have been tailored for over 20 specialties, including family practice and urgent care. Boasting a 96% clean claim rate, their RCMs are heralded by satisfied customers who’ve indicated DrChrono can help improve the profitability of their practice. 


Kareo Clinical is a cloud-based EHR software designed by healthcare professionals. The platform includes an Intuitive Dashboard, Simple Sharting, Easy E-Prescribing, Electronic Superbills, Secure Messaging, ICD-10 Ready, Agenda Overview, and Workflow Management. Being a cloud-based platform, there is no downloading required for setup, making it simple and user-friendly. It also provides on-demand access to HIPAA-compliant data stored in the cloud. 

NextGen Office

Focused on ambulatory care and specialty practices, NextGen Office serves over 155,000 caregivers. NextGen includes an Integrated Patient Experience Platform, Revenue Cycle Analytics, Population Health Management, and Virtual Visits. NextGen’s platform allows practitioners to automate the process of generating claims, running reports, and even printing statements. 

Change Healthcare

Offering a wide variety of healthcare options for payers, providers, and patients, Change Healthcare uses technology to help everyone thrive – financially and physically. Their Patient Experience solutions are focused on educating patients on financial matters, care cost estimates, triage, collecting payments, and more. Their patient-friendly billing features a customizable option to work with patients on the frequencies at which they can pay their bills. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to which patient management platform your facility should choose. Instead, you must consider your budget, the services that best serve your office and patient needs, and limiting the administrative load on your caregivers by automating paperwork and processes. 

Medical staff getting supplies

Medical Supplies

Providing great care to patients at hospitals and healthcare facilities doesn't just include healthcare technology companies that provide digital health products for increased patient engagement and doctor management. It also involves supplying using high-quality, medical products.


The traditional way of purchasing medical supplies looks something like this: find a supplier, reach out to a rep, sign a contract, undergo a credit check, order products, wait, and receive products. It's long and expensive. Taking valuable time away from patients who could be receiving critical care. That's where bttn comes in. Harness the power of a simple, e-commerce platform that enables providers to quickly purchase what they need at competitive prices. Save time, avoid the middleman, and put more money into supporting patients' needs.



Hospital employment has declined by over 94,000 since February 2020. 

Pile on the shortage of primary care doctors, which is expected to range from 21,000 to 55,200 by 2032, and there’s an ever-widening gap in healthcare organizations' ability to find and retain qualified healthcare providers. 

One way to address current and expected shortages is to use health tech to find qualified workers in health care, and take care of the mundane tasks that algorithms and machine learning can do. Finding physicians, nurses, and other industry workers is something that can be automated using smart software. 

The staffing shortage also involves a re-evaluation as to who and what is important to the business. What keeps the company moving positively in the right direction? Do you need to increase your services? Do you need to trim down crew size and offer more telehealth to make healthcare more accessible to more patients? Evaluating the scope of services offered and reconciling those services with your staff is another way to alleviate staffing shortages.


NextCrew is a healthcare staffing software company that helps you streamline candidate sourcing, onboarding, communication, credentialing, and timely compliance. Some of its features include payroll integration, a healthcare app with geofencing to verify accurate time reporting, and paperless onboarding. 


Maybe you’re looking to expand your care offerings to other states or maybe you’re just trying to make it easier for your patients to fit their mental health visits more seamlessly into their lives. Wheel is a robust software built to help practitioners provide compliant, high-quality telehealth care. Wheel is especially useful in times of worker shortages.

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