3 Questions With...Brendan Wales

3 Questions With...Brendan Wales

Three Questions with…. A blog Series

One of the common attributes of all bttn employees is an insatiable curiosity about how we can consistently win our customers' trust, respect, and repeat business. To that end, we are pleased to introduce a blog series called "Three Questions with…"

This series will conduct interviews with influentials in the bttn ecosystem and share the insights we gain from industry leaders across a spectrum of positions about what we can and are doing to earn the trust of our customers. As a mission-driven organization, keeping the needs of our customers front and center is the North Star in our operations.

We are pleased to kick off the series with one of our early investors, Brendan Wales, FUSE.vc. Brendan recently stopped by the office to talk to bttn employees about his bullishness on bttn and to offer insight into how bttn can win our customers' confidence, loyalty, and repeat business.

1) You have studied 100s of companies in your roles at both e-ventures and FUSE. What about bttn caught your attention?

Brendan: One of the goals at FUSE is to have 100% coverage of Seattle-based companies. We noticed bttn through Crunchbase, and it immediately caught our attention. I reached out to JT to learn more about the business. The way he explained bttn's goals, the opacity and antiquated nature of the current medical supply market, and the early traction bttn had already gained just three months into the business; I knew instantly that bttn clearly had product-market fit. It is unusual for an early-stage company to have that level of sales already. After further meetings with Jack and JT, I knew these were two committed, hardworking, intelligent founders that we wanted to back. The roles JT and Jack play complement each other so well. The market bttn is servicing is ripe for disruption and modernization. If bttn can gain even a fraction of the total addressable market by digitizing analog transactions, they will be the next Medline.

2) What advice do you have for bttn employees related to our mission to "build the future of medical supply?"

Brendan: Be as relentlessly focused on retaining your current customers as you are about winning new ones. Make your customer service one of your key differentiators. You are in the market early; you have a window, so keep your customers happy. Continue to embrace digital marketing because your competitors are not. You are building a new way to procure medical supplies. Have your sales force teach customers how to use the platform for procurement so they can be available for high-value interactions like offering product knowledge and support rather than sales process support. And, Buckle up! You will have an incredible adventure building the future of medical supply.

3) How does being part of the FUSE ecosystem benefit bttn customers?

Brendan: The FUSE network of LPs includes highly accomplished executives from various companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Costco, Starbucks, and Boeing. Our LPs include accomplished directors, managers, executives, high net worth individuals, and board members working with Fortune 500 and even Fortune 50 companies. When bttn wants guidance on topics ranging from implementing a strong customer relations team, to fine-tuning supply chain operations, or best practices implementing a technology stack -- I am confident a FUSE has either been in the situation or knows someone who has. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and the same idea applies to building a startup that will survive and thrive. The FUSE network is here to help bttn build the future of medical supply and support a swath of customers who have been ignored and underserved.